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Geranium essential oil for dry and oily skin
Geranium essential oil improves skin elasticity and harmonizes dry as well as oily skin. Add a few drops into your face cream or moisturizer recipe. If you prefer ready-made to DIY skin care try B Quenched facial oil by Sally B’s using organic ingredients.
Vanilla extract can balance hormones and emotions

Your skin and your soul alike will benefit from vanilla extract regenerating skin and balancing hormones and emotions. Upgrade your favorite face mask with vanilla or indulge in the luxury Cacao Vanilla Beauty Mask by Vered made with certified organic ingredients.

Safflower oil deeply hydrates your skin

Safflower oil with the highest concentration of unsaturated fatty acids deeply hydrates your skin. It’s a perfect sole-ingredient anti-aging face moisturizer for sensitive skin. You can find it in the sophisticated organic skin care by Osmia such as their facial serum Nectar Vital Rose Drops.


Rose essential oil evens out fine wrinkles

Rose essential oil nourishes mature skin and evens out fine wrinkles wraping you up in its sweet fragrance and lifting your mood. Try a homemade face serum and mix rose essential oil with safflower oil or enjoy The Petal: hydrating mask to plum & glow by Mahalo Skincare.

Elderflower is rich in vitamins and antioxidants

Looking for a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment? Include products with elderflower extract in your beauty routine. It’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants and promotes blood circulation. Prepare a homemade face mask mixing it with raw honey or treat yourself to Mayala’s bestselling Rejuvenating Face Serum.

Saffron helps to clear skin and achieve an even skin tone

Rare and very effective is saffron extract if you want to achieve clear skin with an even skin tone as it lightens up age spots. The result is firm and bright skin. Add a few drops in your favorite facial oil or pick one ready-made. Dr. Alkaitis offers a potent formula in its Organic Ageless Facial Elixir.

Rosehip oil boosts collagen production

Rosehip oil is a proven anti-aging ingredient of natural skin care as it boosts collagen production and heals scars. Use it as a night cream or a regular face moisturizer. Or pick Kjaer Weis’ The Beautiful Oil enhancing the rejuvenating properties of rosehip in combination with the magical “Root of Light”.

Neroli essential oil is used in anti-aging face serums for dry skin

Neroli essential oil made from orange blossoms promotes cell regeneration and increases skin elasticity. It’s a precious ingredient of organic skin care used in anti-aging face serums for dry skin. Upgrade your favorite treatment with a few drops or go for Transform Daily facial balm by Laurel.

Passionfruit seed oil is a great moisturizer for mature skin

Passionfruit seed oil is excellent for treating wrinkles and skin damage caused by sun exposure with it’s high linoleic acid content. It’s a great moisturizer for mature skin. Use undiluted cold-pressed oil or try it in the 15% vitamin C serum An Autumn on the World by Odacité.

Jasmine is beneficial for dry skin

Jasmine extract heals scars and boosts immunity. It’s especially beneficial for dry skin. And its warm exotic fragrance stimulates self-confidence. Add a few drops of Jasmine absolue in your face cream or body lotion or pamper yourself with the body and hair elixir Vacation Glow by Mahalo.

Use mallow extract for homemade face mask

Mallow extract washes out toxins, heals inflammation and regenerates skin. Soak mallow flowers for 15 minutes in warm water, mix the infusion with curd, apply on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Or try the soothing effects of mallow in the Cucumber & Horse Chestnut Eye Contour Serum by Bottega.

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