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How to Make Homemade Perfume

How to Make Homemade Perfume and Create Your Own Unique Fragrance

Looking for the best perfume? Do it yourself using natural ingredients like essential oils.

Nothing can compare to a DIY natural perfume: it’s unique with aromatherapy benefits of essential oils

Do you want to wear a unique perfume no one else does? A fragrance that inspires you? A scent that boosts your self-confidence? Well, do it yourself! 🙂 Create your own unique perfume and stand out from the crowd.

Making homemade perfume is easy. Here’s a few basic rules and steps to help you get started.

1. Decide on the Form of Your Perfume

You can either choose to make

  • a perfume oil or
  • a solid perfume

I do not recommend perfume based on alcohol as it is not beneficial for skin. Alcohol is not suitable for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It dries out your skin and can cause irritations.

Making a natural perfume is easy and fun and pure natural ingredients have extra benefits for your skin.

Create a perfume composition of essential oils and mix it with either a plant oil or shea butter

If you choose to make a perfume oil choose a plant oil with no scent and a texture of your preference as a basis. Grape seed oil or safflower oil are nice non-sticky oils with extra benefits for your skin. For thicker texture try almond oil or sunflower oil. Argan oil and apricot oil are other great options. The choice is wide and really up to you.

For solid perfume use shea butter as a basis. Shea butter has a thick butter texture and no scent of its own. You can also use coconut oil with a distinctive warm fragrance when you want to include its scent into your composition. But unlike the universal odorless shea butter coconut oil may not be suitable to mix with any fragrance oil. However it may serve well for sweeter perfumes like a vanilla or a rose perfume.

2. Create Your Unique Perfume Composition

Perfume in any form be it a perfume oil or a solid perfume consists of head, heart and base notes.

The secret of the best perfume lies in the balance of its head, heart and base notes

Choose natural ingredients: essential oils and absolues or extracts whose scent appeals to you. And you can start creating your unique perfume composition consisting of the 3 balanced parts:

  • Head – The top notes that make the first impression and last up to several minutes are created by the most volatile frangrances such as fresh citrus and floral scents.
  • Heart – The middle notes are made up of medium volatile ingredients, typically spicy or fruity frangrances and last up to an hour.
  • Base – Heavy wood and balsamic fragrances represent the least volatile scents that create the base notes lasting up to several hours.

The proportion of each of the 3 parts reflects the perfume pyramid with the head notes at the top taking up the smallest proportion, the heart in the middle and the base at the bottom of the pyramid taking up the biggest proportion of the perfume composition.

3. Mix Essential Oils with the Carrier Oil or Shea Butter

Mix your perfume composition of chosen essential oils and absolues with a plant oil or shea butter melted in a water bath depending on whether you choose to make a perfume oil or a solid perfume. Fill in a container and let it rest for at least 48 hours to give the fragrances time to unite properly. And that’s it. Easy. 🙂

Enjoy the Benefits of Aromatherapy

Natural perfume positively affects your mind as well as your body.

Create an alluring perfume that heals and lifts your spirit

The greatest benefit of a homemade perfume beside it being absolutely original and unique is its aromatherapeutic effect. Choose a fragrance that appeals to you and addresses your issues be it reducing stress, lowering or increasing blood pressure, stimulating memory and concentration, easing headache, relaxing breathing or harmonizing female cycle

Step Out of the Box and Have Fun

Making your own perfume you can step out of the box and forget about all the unwritten rules about what a perfume for women or a men’s fragrance should be like. Be bold, experiment and have fun. The truth is the best perfume for women or men is the one they wear with joy and pride.

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