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Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolution Is Easy, Economic and Smart

Treat yourself to 30 grams of chocolate every day

Treat yourself to 30 grams of chocolate every day

Making your New Year’s resolutions? But will they actually improve your life? Do you know that eating chocolate is healthy?

Healthy Chocolate

Chocolate contains antioxidants including flavanoids which protects your body against free radicals, boost your immune system and prevent heart disease. Theobromin effectively relieves from cough. And together with fenylethylamin it can balance the concentration of the hormones dopamin and serotonin in your brain thus benefiting your nervous system and lifting your mood.

So leaving out chocolate may not actually improve your health. Relieved? 🙂 Choose chocolate of good quality with high content of cocoa powder and treat yourself to 30 grams every day instead. That’s for chocolate. How about your other resolutions?

Make Your Life More Enjoyable, Rich and Healthy

Let me suggest 1 New Year’s resolution that is easy, economic and smart. And your health will benefit from it from the first minute and in the long run as well. No strength of will required. 🙂 Sounds appealing?

It is an easy but life changing solution that will make your life more enjoyable, rich and healthy. How can we avoid the huge amount of toxins our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis?

Change Your Life: It’s Easy

We may not be able to move from the city to the countryside to avoid breathing polluted air. But it is very easy to dramatically lower the amount of toxins our skin gets exposed to every day. By throwing all of your cosmetic jars and bars in a dustbin.

All your shampoos, shower gels, soaps, toothpastes, face creams and body lotions. Even the so called natural cosmetics. Mass produced cosmetics including the majority of the cosmetics marketed as natural contain lots of harmful synthetic ingredients that have been scientifically proven to damage our health.

Take Control of the Cosmetic Ingredients

There are tens of toxic cosmetic ingredients normally used in beauty products

There are tens of toxic cosmetic ingredients normally used in beauty products

The consequences of daily long term use of beauty products containing harmful chemicals are severe: eczema, allergy, endocrine disruption and cancer are just a few of them. Take any one of the cosmetic products you use and check the list of ingredients. Are there parabens, lauryl sulfates, paraffinum liquidum or petrolatum in your cosmetics?

And there are tens of toxic cosmetic ingredients normally used in beauty products: check the Red List of ingredients to avoid by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. When you go over your cosmetic products one by one chances are there is not one left on the shelf in your bathroom after you are finished. All the better.

DIY Natural Skin Care is Easy, Economic and Fun

DIY natural skin care is easy, economic and fun

DIY natural skin care brings new colors, fragrances and energy into your life

Or simply, don’t bother checking just sweep them all out. The solution I offer is dramatic but it pays off. To your health as well as to your wallet: make your own DIY natural skin care. So you’re in total control and use only pure natural ingredients.

You will find lots of DIY natural skin care recipes on internet. And some of them are just easy one-ingredient formulas that are healthy, effective and you can adjust them to your personal needs and taste just by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

I wish good health and happiness to you and your families

Good health and happiness to you and your families

Happy New Year 2018!

I guarantee you’ll have lots of fun along the way. Experimenting, learning and trying all the gifts of nature will bring new colors, fragrances and energy into your life. And that’s what I wish you for 2018: good health, satisfaction, joy and rich experiences in your life!

Choose an easy DIY natural skin care recipe to get started

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